High Asset Divorce


All divorce cases are complex in their own way. However, few firms have the experience necessary to resolve high asset divorce cases in their clients' favor. TKG&K has this experience.

A high asset divorce case requires an aggressive law firm that understands how to evaluate unique items of property, businesses, financial holdings, and other assets that are not typically present in the everyday divorce case. The attorney must have a firm grasp on various areas of expertise, ranging from an ability to analyze corporate tax returns, balance sheets, general ledgers, and electronic accounting records, to understanding how to equitably divide substantial assets while minimizing any market risks or tax consequences.

These types of cases involve many difficult questions, and require a level of expertise and experience to ensure a just result. TKG&K has the experience necessary to help you develop and employ a comprehensive strategy designed to protect your interests, and make sure that all of your legal rights are protected.

The attorneys at TKG&K have been handling high asset divorce cases for more than twenty-five years. If you need an experienced attorney to guide you through your high asset divorce, please feel free to contact our office.