Drug Charges

The fear you experience following a drug arrest or the chaos that goes along with a drug raid does not put you in the best position to make decisions. TKG&K recognizes the aggressive approach that police officers and prosecutors take. Our job is to counter their tactics and protect your rights.

The right to remain silent is not a cliche. It is within your rights not to say a word until you speak to an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Overzealous Police Violating Your Rights

The biggest problem in drug arrests is law enforcement officials who act overzealously in their search and then subsequently overcharge. They make multiple accusations to improve their odds of the arrest resulting in a conviction. The police often intimidate the accused into making a statement and incriminating themselves, claiming it is in their best interests. It is imperative that you have an experienced defense lawyer to protect your rights.

Attorneys Focused on Protecting Your Rights

At TKG&K, we provide the equalizer you need if you are overwhelmed by prosecution related to a drug charge. Clients throughout Western Pennsylvania have come to us charged with possession or sale of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and even prescription medication such as Oxycodone. Do not let fear dictate what you do after a drug arrest. Let us help.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer regarding drug charges, please call our offices at 724-838-7600 or use the Contact Us page to request a consultation.