Child Support

Westmoreland County Child Custody Attorneys

Whether the parents of a child are married, separated, divorced or were never married, each parent owes a duty to support their child. Because of that duty, once the parents of a child become separated, very frequently one of the first things a parent will do is seek child support.

Child support cases have the potential to be one of the most emotionally difficult and trying aspects of any domestic litigation case. It is frequently the first time a parent is exposed to the court system, which can lead to anxiety and conflict between parents.

Our attorneys have litigated countless support cases and can help you at any stage of support litigation. This is true whether you are the primary wage earner or the financially disadvantaged spouse. In addition, we have extensive experience in complex and high earning support cases, which can greatly affect the outcome of a support proceeding. If you need help in your child or spousal support case, TKG&K is available to assist you at every stage.

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